Castlebridge House & Conservatory

Castlebridge House was built in 1814 for Nicholas Dixon. It stood opposite the upper entrance to the mills and malthouses that he owned.

The house itself is of plain construction and was home to first the Dixons, then Breen and Nunn families before being purchased by Wexford County Council in 1974. The council used it briefly as a training centre for the fire service.

What makes it remarkable, is the conservatory built by James Pierce around 1858. It is connected to the main house with a covered archway (porte cochère) to provide shelter for passengers disembarking from their carriages.

Pierce may have been influenced by Richard Turner who he worked with previously to build a conservatory at Edermine House. Castlebridge House’s conservatory is unique however with its revolving central stand for plants, which were heated by underfloor pipes. This stand rotated during the day to ensure plants could face the sun at different times of the day.

Unfortunately, a lack of maintenance has allowed the once glorious conservatory and house to fall into disrepair.